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Such a belated post, as it’s already December! How time flies by so fast. I am in my last weeks of pregnancy and things are getting pretty heavy now. It’s even getting to the point that it’s just uncomfortable to sit and write. I’d rather lay flat on the couch, reading and watching some movies as my back and pelvis really hurts. Nevertheless I hope you will still enjoy it and find some inspiration (maybe for Christmas?), as I still wanted to share where we went to last month. 

The 21st of November we went to ‘Flavourites Live 2015‘. ‘Flavourites Live’ is a yearly recurring three day event in Amsterdam-North where webshops get a chance to show you, let you touch, smell and buy some of their locally produced merchandise live in their little pop-up booth. This year was the seventh edition and even though I am almost due with an ever growing baby inside me, I won tickets via ‘Goodmorning Sunshine‘, an online webshop with the cutest children’s clothing from Bergen op Zoom. Last year was the first time and we had a great day with new inspirations for our home and got to meet the faces behind the lovely online shops. This year was no different: so many new brands and prints, it was pretty hard to keep my wallet shut. This time though we spent most of the time checking out the baby- and kid’s booths with ‘Mingo Kids‘ and ‘CarlijnQ‘ being one of the favorites next to the former mentioned ‘Goodmorning Sunshine’. And since we still don’t have a clue what to do with the birth cards, pretty much every art, paper and stamp was inspected.

For more information on ‘Flavourites Live’ click here.
For more information on ‘Flavourites’ click here.
Instagram: @flavourites

P.S. 1: Sorry for the non-Dutch readers as both links are in Dutch. But I really recommend having a look at the websites, as most of them are also on Instagram and sometimes offer international shipping. 
P.S. 2: Next time I will visit ‘Flavourites Live’ non-pregnant again, boy was I tired: so many (mainly) women. Don’t get me wrong I am a woman myself, but you know how women can get when it comes to shopping and add that to me being pregnant wobbling around like a penguin AND a three year old toddler was actually a little bit too much. Hard lesson learned here ;). 

I leave you now with some impressions wishing you a good day and hopefully see you there next year! 

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All pictures are taken by me.

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