at.Aloha at Aloha



It has been two weeks since we had some perfect Dutch surfing conditions with chilly weather, wind and grey skies! A thick 5/4/3 wetsuit, shoes and gloves were definitely needed! My toddler and I kept ourselves warm at Aloha, our favorite beach-restaurant. We had some hot cocoa and freshly baked apple pie, before heading out to the sea to watch dad catching some nice waves. Yes I was a bit envious, but kept remembering myself that soon our little family could welcome our newest member and that I have something really special going on in my belly! Besides, pregnancy is only temporary 😉 !

Here you see me wearing an at.Aloha palmtree sweater made from the softest combination of 85% organic cotton and 15% polyester designed by founder Kelly. Her idea of at.Aloha started during a roundtrip through Indonesia. When asked what she’d do back in the Netherlands, she answered that she really wanted to ‘bring summer to the Netherlands, even in winter’. Kelly is a real beach addict and has a slight obsession for palmtrees, which is quite obvious when you check out the collection. So go and check out her website at.Aloha, I know those beach lovers amongst you won’t be able to resist.


I love Mr Mittens beanie | Roxy scarf | at.Aloha sweater

Photos are all mine and taken by my husband

The post ‘at.Aloha at Aloha’ was first published on ‘Have a Swim in a Calm Sea’.

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