Like promised I would share my personal ‘bikini-ready’ experience. So let’s start from the beginning.

It began 1,5-2 years ago. After having my son, I picked up running 2-3 times a week again. But that wasn’t enough to get rid of those last pregnancy kilos and I started looking for something more. As I am not the gym kind of girl, I searched through Instagram for some inspiration. After reading and seeing so many positive results on the Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide plus the added bonus of doing them at home or in the park convinced me to buy the eBook. At first glance it seemed pretty easy and with my sporty background it shouldn’t be that hard, right? How wrong I was! After the first week day I could hardly walk and after arms day I wasn’t even able to pick up the little one! But, I kept going and went for it…for 7 weeks…twice. I guess I was lacking persistence. I did it all by myself and there was no one to push me. So I continued to use the eBook as a reference guide and planned the exercises around my running schedule. Besides: those leg exercises are pretty amazing for runners!

I did get more toned and lost a bit of weight, but still wasn’t really satisfied. Even though my environment told me to stop complaining, I wasn’t feeling okay in my body. I was and am not aiming to get my teenage sporty body back, but was hoping for a little bit more than this. I also became more aware about the food choices I made. But with all the different diets and news about what not to eat, it was getting really confusing. Then this opportunity came up by The Green Happiness. A five week health challenge with a group of women where bootcamps are combined with a personal dietary advise and guidance. It was exactly what I was looking for. In the meantime I discovered I had become pregnant again! I remembered how my first few months were with the first one: I was tired all the time and had low energy levels. This was no different. I had trouble keeping up with the bootcamps, so I withdrew from them, reduced my running frequency to 1-2 times a week until I had to stop* and continued my new diet plan. 


The diet is based on orthomolecular science. It focusses on how your body reacts to certain kind of foods and how you can reduce/eliminate certain complaints like eczema, acne, tiredness and so on. For more information I suggest you consult a orthomolecular nutritionist in your area.

First I had to fill in a dietary questionnaire: what was my daily intake, what kind of products did I eat, did I experience some discomfort with certain food products, was I familiar with eczema, etcetera. My measurements were taken and my fat-percentage calculated. This was repeated after two and five weeks.
Based on the intake I got an advise. I had to eliminate all lactose products for one month to see whether I would feel less bloated and if my eczema would get better. I had to add carbs to my lunch to prevent my afternoon dip. Finally I was advised to eat fruit or two dates before dinner to suppress my sweet craving and cut down on fat. The latter meaning using less oil/butter for cooking. I found the lactose part the hardest one as there is lactose in almost everything.
We all got a booklet with some extra background information and a workshop in a supermarket where we learned how to read the ingredient list on a product. I can now actually say that I am almost a pro in distinguishing good from bad. We also got to learn how the gut works into processing all the products we eat: carbohydrates, protein, starch, animal versus non animal and in which order it would be best to eat during the day to stay more energized and keep the bowels going. 


After one week I already noticed some changes. Even though I was still pretty tired due to pregnancy, I was more energized than before and more able to get me through the afternoon. It took a while to reduce the lactose intake, because I really missed my yoghurt moments. But the eczema got less and I was feeling less bloated. And to make it even better, with the two week measurement I had also lost weight only due to reduction in fat-percentage!

As my pregnancy is getting further, it is harder to keep up: my sweet tooth craving is stronger than I thought, but my breakfasts, fruits and lactose reduction have finally found a way in my new daily routine. After delivery I will pick up where I left and hopefully loose the pregnancy weight faster and start running again. 

Pumpkin soup

To conclude: I was not able to participate with the bootcamps, but I managed to keep running 1-2 times a week during the challenge while adjusting my new healthy diet plan. And even though I exercised less, I still lost weight ánd got rid of the bloating and eczema and felt much more energized than before without needing extra supplements (other than the extra recommended vitamins during pregnancy). For me this diet healthy adjustment works and I am planning to keep this up…with the occasional cheats as you only life once! Oh and to answer the ‘bikini-readiness’: no six-pack for me this summer, but next year I will definitely be more toned, lean and energized with my new healthy lifestyle.

For more information on The Green Happiness ‘Healthy and Happiness’ challenge, click here (Dutch) or here (English).

All photos are taken by me

*Note: I stopped running because of early Braxton-Hicks contractions and pelvic instability which caused a lot of stress on my pelvic muscles which in turn caused a lot of extra discomfort and pain. I now take pregnancy Pilates lessons and do yoga at home. All advised and under supervision by my midwife and physiotherapist.


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